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Turritella Agate Sterling Silver Pendant

Turritella Agate Sterling Silver Pendant

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Sterling Silver Turritella Agate Pendant, a piece of American natural beauty from the heart of Wyoming, USA. This pendant showcases an elegant oval shape and features the exquisite patterns of Turritella Agate, a gemstone known for its fossilized snail and gastropod inclusions.

Measuring approximately 45x35mm without the bail, this pendant is a distinctive addition to your jewelry collection. The intricate and ancient designs within the Turritella Agate stone tell a story of time and evolution, making it a conversation starter and a symbol of nature's enduring artistry.

Please note that this pendant does not include a chain, allowing you the freedom to pair it with your preferred necklace. Embrace the timeless allure of Wyoming's Turritella Agate with our Sterling Silver Pendant, a wearable piece of geological history that connects you to the unique landscapes of the American West.

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