Who are we? What is the story of Boon's Crystals?

Boon's Crystals is one of Australia Largest Gemmologist Owned Crystal and Alternative product stores! 

Boon's Crystals Owner Michael Boon FGAA
Michael Boon FGAA Opened Boon's Crystals in Late 2018, after deciding there needed to be an affordable alternative to the typical crystal stores around Australia. 

My history in the crystal and mineral world started young, when I began cutting and polishing stones through the Bundaberg Gem and Mineral Society in 2010 (aged 13). 

Opening a store of my own was always a goal since starting out, but I needed to work my way through life and school. During this time I attended many markets and shows selling pieces I had made, and slowly expanded into sourcing stones from all over the world for my customers. 
The story of Boon's Crystals actually officially starts on our Honeymoon in New Zealand. I had just finished in a job 4 weeks prior to the wedding (much to Felicity's surprise) and it was in a small town on the North Island were we had stopped to have a look around and found a Crystal Store (and I never pass up the opportunity to have a look around). It was in here that I had the idea to actually give it a go, and try opening my own business, in an industry and world I love! 

It did take me nearly 3 days of traveling to bring it up to my wife (We had been married less than a week, so I was a little nervous about wanting to try something like this, knowing it would be very tough for a while), But I shouldn't have been worried. Felicity was 100% supportive of the idea, to which I am incredibly grateful. 
Boon's Crystals First store @ 17a Targo Street.
So when we returned a week or so later, we began looking for appropriate stores for a brand new business in an industry that sells very specific products. We found a small shop that fit the bill. I was very lucky to have my Nan who assisted us in financing our first large stock order, which without her Boon's wouldn't have been possible. 

And then it began! Less than 2 months after bringing the idea up with Felicity, Boon's Crystals was officially opened. 
Fast forward a year, and Boon's Crystals needed to expand, and we didn't need to look far. Just two doors down was a shop that was 3 times the size of our original space, and it was perfect. This is where our current store is now, @ 11 Targo Street, Bundaberg. 
Boon's Crystals Current Store @ 11 Targo Street Bundaberg
Ever since High School, I have always wanted to attend the Gemmological Institute of Australia to complete the Diploma of Gemmology, however due to different jobs, and life getting in the way, I wasn't in the position to be able to start this course. That was until 2021 when the business was picking up, and started to afford me the opportunity to enroll in this course. 

Over the next two and a bit years, in the middle of a global pandemic, I traveled to Melbourne twice a year for a week on end (and sometimes longer when I got stuck in between 2 states meaning I got to stay with my brother in ACT until it all got sorted out) for the practical component as well as weekly theory lectures, I was on the path to becoming a Gemmologist. 

I am incredibly proud to say that as of March 2023, I have graduated! 
Michael and Felicity Boon at Michaels Graduation

 The story of Boon's Crystals has been going off and on for around 10 years, but it isn't finished! So much more to learn, and expand into!