From Passion to Profession

Michael's journey in the crystal and mineral realm began at a young age, cutting and polishing stones through the Bundaberg Gem and Mineral Society since 2010, aged just 13. 

Opening a store of my own was always a goal since starting out, but I needed to work my way through life and school. During this time I attended many markets and shows selling pieces I had made, and slowly expanded into sourcing stones from all over the world for my customers. 

An Idea Is Sparked

Boon's Crystals Evolution

The idea for Boon's Crystals took root during Michael's honeymoon in New Zealand, where a visit to a local crystal store ignited the dream of starting his own venture alongside his supportive wife, Felicity.

Within a remarkably short timeframe of less than two months from inception, Boon's Crystals became a reality. Over the years, it expanded to its current location at 11 Targo Street, Bundaberg, witnessing steady growth and community support.

2023 & Beyond

Certified Gemmologist

Over the next two and a bit years, in the middle of a global pandemic, I travelled to Melbourne twice a year for a week on end (and sometimes longer when I got stuck in between 2 states meaning I got to stay with my brother in ACT until it all got sorted out) for the practical component as well as weekly theory lectures, I was on the path to becoming a Gemmologist. 

What’s Next For Boon’s Crystals?

This year I have decided to finally enroll in further study! To round out the Diploma of Gemmology I completed in 2022, I have enrolled in the Diploma of Applied Gemmology (Valuation) through the NCJV. As excited as I am for this, I am also incredibly nervous as it will very likely be difficult, but I am up for the challenge. 

How about the shop? Well, the first step of what’s next was the new website! Hopefully it is much easier to navigate and find the pieces you love! As always, I am always expanding the range of stones and other products I have available, by working direct with the source, ensuring to get the best quality, but still affordable. Live Sales will be continuing through the months and years to come, so be sure to join our facebook group so you can pick up some extra special pieces! I have some great plans to travel overseas to the suppliers I have been working with for many years, which I am incredibly excited for. This may even allow me to find some extra special and rare crystals.

Boon’s Crystals is always evolving, I never want it to be the same, with exciting new products, but also keeping the trusty favorites around for all to enjoy. Being a small business there is never a true “set plan” as to what the future holds, but I have some pretty good ideas of what I want this to be, which is always exciting.