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Wooden Incense Ash Catchers

Wooden Incense Ash Catchers

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These beautifully crafted ash catchers are designed to enhance your incense burning experience. Measuring 26cm long, they provide ample space for placing your favorite Satya incense sticks.

Each ash catcher features unique brass designs, adding an elegant touch to your incense ritual. The combination of wood and brass creates a harmonious aesthetic, making it a visually appealing addition to any space.

These ash catchers are not only decorative but also highly functional. They effectively catch the ash from burning incense, ensuring a clean and mess-free environment. With their sturdy construction, they provide a stable base for your incense sticks, allowing you to enjoy their aromatic fragrance without any worry.

Whether you are practicing meditation, yoga, or simply seeking a moment of relaxation, our Wooden Incense Ash Catchers are the perfect companion. Experience the beauty of these ash catchers while creating a serene ambiance in your home or sacred space. Elevate your incense burning experience with this exquisite accessory.

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