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Rough Raw Mix | 500g Bag

Rough Raw Mix | 500g Bag

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500g bag of our most popular rough, as well as a few extra special pieces. 

Perfect for putting into your favourite pot plant, or why not spread them into a sandpit for some at home fossicking fun? The possibilities are endless!

Each bag contains approx. 20+ pieces, which will be a good mix of the included stones.

What can be in the bag
- Amethyst
- Aventurine
- Blue Quartz
- Orchid Calcite
- Tourmaline in Quartz
- Chrysocolla
- Jaspers (Zebra, Red, Brecciated, and more)
- Sodalite
- Septarian
- Citrine
- Jade
- Green Tourmaline
- Aragonite
- Garnet
- and many more!

New Stones are always being added to the mix, so the list will be updated from time to time.

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