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Rose 15g Satya Incense

Rose 15g Satya Incense

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Rose 15g Satya Incense Sticks - a fragrant journey into the timeless beauty of blooming roses. Handcrafted with care, these incense sticks capture the essence of delicate rose petals, infusing your space with their enchanting aroma.

Each stick is meticulously hand-rolled, releasing the romantic and soothing fragrance of roses when lit. The subtle yet captivating scent creates an atmosphere of tranquility and elegance, making it perfect for relaxation, meditation, or simply enjoying the art of fragrance.

Packaged in a convenient 15g box, our Rose Satya Incense Sticks are a thoughtful gift for yourself or anyone who appreciates the charm of floral scents. Whether you're seeking a moment of serenity or aiming to enhance your surroundings with a touch of nature's beauty, these incense sticks offer a delightful and captivating experience.

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