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Nantan Meteorite Specimen

Nantan Meteorite Specimen

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This Meteorite is believed to have impacted Earth around 1516, but fragments weren't first collected until the 1950's when it was planned to be used for Smelting. However, due to the high Nickel content this was found to not be useable. It was named after the city near the strewn field.

This type of meteorite is also called an "Iron Meteorite" Due to it containing approx. 92.5% Iron, 6.96% Nickel, and other trace elements.

Size (approx.) - 25x15x5mm

Weight (average) - 8g

 Price is per piece and is chosen for you. Photos are a representation of the quality of the stone, However, due to it being natural stone, please understand that size, shape, and colour will be slightly different piece to piece.

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