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Myrrh 15g Satya Incense

Myrrh 15g Satya Incense

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Myrrh 15g Satya Incense Sticks - a fragrant voyage into the exotic allure of ancient aromas. Crafted with care, these incense sticks capture the rich and captivating essence of myrrh, transporting your senses to a realm of timeless mystique.

Individually hand-rolled, each stick releases the warm and enchanting fragrance of myrrh when ignited. The aromatic bouquet carries a sense of grounding and spiritual connection, making these incense sticks perfect for meditation, introspection, or simply relishing the unique aroma.

Packaged in a convenient 15g box, our Myrrh Satya Incense Sticks make a thoughtful gift for yourself or anyone who appreciates the depth of ancient scents. Whether you're seeking a moment of contemplation, aiming to create a sacred space, or just drawn to the evocative power of myrrh, these incense sticks offer an extraordinary olfactory experience.

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