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Copal 15g Satya Incense

Copal 15g Satya Incense

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Copal 15g Satya Incense Sticks - a journey into the ancient traditions and sacred fragrances of copal resin. Handcrafted with care, these incense sticks carry the essence of copal's profound spiritual significance, infusing your space with its captivating aroma.

Meticulously hand-rolled, each stick releases the rich and cleansing scent of copal when ignited. The resin's ceremonial and purifying properties create an atmosphere of reverence, making these incense sticks perfect for meditation, spiritual practices, or simply enjoying the essence of sacred rituals.

Packaged in a convenient 15g box, our Copal Satya Incense Sticks are a precious gift for those seeking a deeper connection with history and spirituality. Whether you're looking to purify your surroundings or immerse yourself in the transformative energy of ancient traditions, these incense sticks offer a unique and meaningful experience.

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