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2023 Boon's Crystals Advent Calendar

2023 Boon's Crystals Advent Calendar

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Introducing the Boon's Crystals Advent Calendar: A Unique Celebration of Christmas Down Under!

Experience the magic of Christmas in Australia with our much-anticipated Boon's Crystals Advent Calendar, now making a grand return, and it's even more sensational than before!

While the rest of the world revels in winter wonderlands, Australia embraces the charm of its native trees and exquisite flora. That's precisely why we crafted our brand-new, custom-designed advent calendar boxes – a tribute to the natural beauty that surrounds us. Credit goes to the incredible talent of my wife, who artfully brought this design to life.

Inside each box, you'll discover 24 days of meticulously curated crystals, gemstones, minerals, and exquisite jewellery pieces. This year's collection is a treasure trove, featuring an array of crystal chips, clusters, points and spheres, stunning jewellery, rough specimens, tumbled stones, and a delightful "At Home Activity."

To add an extra layer of excitement, we'll reveal the actual contents on Instagram and Facebook every evening. This way, you can embark on a journey of discovery, identifying each unique piece, and if you ever find yourself stumped, a quick check on our social media will provide the answers you seek.

While every box contains the same daily items, the stones themselves may vary from box to box, adding an element of delightful surprise to your daily unboxing experience.

Please note that, regrettably, free shipping is not available for this item, and we can only ship within the enchanting land of Australia. This Christmas, bring the enchantment of Australian nature and the wonders of crystals into your holiday season with Boon's Crystals Advent Calendar!


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