What are pendulums and how do you use them?

A crystal pendulum is a divination tool that is used for finding answers to questions or to receive guidance.

  • Choose a quiet and relaxed environment where you will not be disturbed.
  • Cleanse and program your pendulum: Before using your pendulum, it is recommended to cleanse it to remove any negative energy or residual energy from previous users. You can do this by holding it under running water, smudging it with sage, or leaving it in salt overnight. Once your pendulum is cleansed, you should program it with your intention by holding it in your dominant hand and stating your intention out loud or in your mind.
  • Hold the pendulum: Hold the pendulum between your thumb and index finger, with the chain or string hanging down. The pendulum should be able to swing freely.
  • Ask a yes/no question: Start by asking the pendulum a simple yes/no question that you know the answer to, to establish a baseline of how the pendulum swings for you when the answer is "yes" and when the answer is "no".
  • Observe the pendulum's movements: The pendulum will typically respond by swinging in a certain direction to indicate "yes" and in a different direction to indicate "no". Different people may experience slightly different movements, so it's important to pay attention to what feels right for you.
  • Interpret the pendulum's movements: Once you have established how your pendulum moves for "yes" and "no", you can ask it more complex questions and interpret the movements accordingly.

Note: The accuracy of the pendulum's answers is dependent on the state of mind and energy of the user, so it's important to be in a relaxed and focused state when using it. Additionally, it's important to keep in mind that the pendulum is just a tool, and the answers you receive may not always be what you want to hear or what you expect.