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Velvet Malachite Rough Raw Specimen

Velvet Malachite Rough Raw Specimen

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Exquisite Velvet Malachite Specimen, found in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). See the Natural beauty of copper carbonate hydroxide. This stunning stone is the perfect addition to any crystal collection, and its calming and enhancing properties make it an ideal choice for those seeking a boost of positive thought.

Each specimen measures approximately 40x20x10mm, with an average weight of 20g, and is completely unique in shape, size, and colour due to the natural variability of the stone. Its deep green hues and velvety texture create a luxurious feel that is sure to capture the eye and inspire a sense of wonder.

As you hold this gorgeous stone, you will feel its calming energy flow through you, easing tension and stress. Velvet Malachite is also known for enhancing one's intuition and creativity, making it a valuable tool for those in search of inspiration or looking to tap into their inner artist.

Our Velvet Malachite Specimen is priced per piece, and is carefully chosen for you. While the photos serve as a representation of the quality of the stone, please keep in mind that due to its natural state, each piece may vary in size, shape, and colour. Order now and add this breathtaking crystal to your collection today!

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