Soapstone Offering Bowls - Chakra Set

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This set of offering bowls is made of high-quality soapstone and features the vibrant colors and symbols of the chakras. Each bowl is beautifully hand-carved and polished to a smooth finish. These bowls are perfect for holding small offerings such as crystals, herbs, or other sacred items.

The chakra symbols and colors on each bowl are a powerful reminder of the seven main energy centers in the body and their associated qualities. Use these bowls during meditation or ritual to align and balance your chakras or simply as a decorative addition to your sacred space.

Measuring approximately 8cm in diameter and 4cm in height, these bowls are the perfect size to hold your offerings without taking up too much space. Their lightweight and durable nature make them easy to transport for use in outdoor rituals or ceremonies.

Each set includes seven bowls, one for each chakra, making it a perfect gift for those interested in energy healing, yoga, meditation, or anyone who wants to add a touch of beauty and spirituality to their space. These offering bowls will surely become a cherished addition to your spiritual practice.

Please note that as soapstone is a natural material, each holder may vary slightly in color and pattern. Embrace the uniqueness of each piece and enjoy the beauty and serenity that these incense holders bring to your spiritual practice.

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Michael Boon FGAA, an experienced gemmologist with over a decade of expertise, is the founder of Boon's Crystals. He collaborates globally to source the finest pieces, offering high-quality products at competitive prices.