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Soapstone Incense Holder Set - Chakra

Soapstone Incense Holder Set - Chakra

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Elevate your meditation and relaxation practice with our set of soapstone incense holders featuring the chakra symbols and colors. Made from high-quality soapstone, each holder is carefully crafted with precision and care to bring you a beautiful and functional tool for your spiritual practice.

This set includes seven incense holders, each representing one of the seven chakras with its unique symbol and corresponding color. These chakras are believed to be centers of energy located in the body that correspond to various physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our being. By using these holders, you can align and balance your chakras, promoting overall wellbeing and inner harmony.

Measuring approximately 8cm in diameter, these holders are perfect for burning incense sticks or cones. The deep dish design ensures that ashes are collected safely and easily, and the natural soapstone material is heat-resistant and long-lasting.

Our set of soapstone incense holders featuring the chakra symbols and colors is a beautiful addition to any meditation space or altar. Use them during your daily meditation practice, yoga sessions, or simply to create a relaxing atmosphere in your home.

Please note that as soapstone is a natural material, each holder may vary slightly in color and pattern. Embrace the uniqueness of each piece and enjoy the beauty and serenity that these incense holders bring to your spiritual practice.


*Set comes with 7 Small incense sticks*

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