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Lepidolite Feminine Body Carving

Lepidolite Feminine Body Carving

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Captivating Lepidolite Feminine Body Carving, a true marvel carved from mesmerizing Lepidolite known for its enchanting hues and soothing energy. Standing gracefully at approximately 65mm in height, this exquisite figurine beautifully embodies the essence of femininity and inner strength. Meticulously crafted to accentuate the stone's unique patterns and colours, each piece represents a celebration of femininity in its purest form. Not only a stunning décor piece, but it also holds the remarkable healing properties of Fulfilment, empowering you to embrace your true purpose and find contentment, Security, instilling a sense of protection and confidence, and Instinct, tapping into your inner wisdom and intuition. Embrace the harmonious energy this Lepidolite Feminine Body Carving brings into your life, making it a cherished addition to your sacred space or a thoughtful gift for those seeking empowerment and serenity.

Photos are a representation of the quality of the stone, However, due to it being natural stone, please understand that size, shape, and colour will be slightly different piece to piece.

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