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Atlantisite Sterling Silver Pendant

Atlantisite Sterling Silver Pendant

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Sterling Silver Atlantisite Pendant, a captivating fusion of nature's beauty. This pendant features the enchanting combination of Stichtite in Serpentine, known for its mesmerizing purple and green hues. Commonly referred to as Atlantisite, this unique gem is sourced from the pristine landscapes of Tasmania.

The pendant boasts an elegant drop shape, measuring approximately 45x35mm (excluding the bail), making it a striking statement piece in your jewellery collection. Each Atlantisite showcases the harmonious blend of purple and green, a testament to the artistry of the earth.

Please note that this pendant does not include a chain, allowing you the flexibility to pair it with your preferred necklace. Embrace the mystical allure of Atlantisite with this Sterling Silver Pendant, a wearable work of art that connects you to the natural wonders of Tasmania and the captivating colors of Stichtite in Serpentine.

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